Vermount Photoworks isn’t about click the button.
It’s Passion, Service, Value , You and your very best moment


Our passion is to capture one of the finest moment in your life.
We work together with you to ensure all of your desire can be achieved through our handy work. We blend your finest moment concept with our finest service and experience to capture the emotional impression which elegant and timeless. It is our purpose & verve to make sure every single delightful moment will always in your memory and easily access whenever you wish to. Using the latest technology and finest technique, we create photos that definitely bring out the best of your moment whenever you see it.

Listen to Your Desire

We listen to your desire and imagination then create a way to implement it all. We make sure that your ideas will not goes to waste.

Professional & On Time

We work as professionals from preparation, photo shoot process until the post-photo shoot. We try to keep it all on-time and not wasting any minute of yours.

Always Explore New Ideas

We are not afraid to try new ideas in order to bring in new concepts and thoughts into our work. We are able to learn new things fast enough in order to prepare the best photo shoot session as requested.


Personal Guidance Through Visual Making Process

Through all the visual making process, we will guide you personally. We will also helps you define a better way to perform in front of camera.

Finest Result

We create a great photos and doing some touch to increase the aesthetics of the photos. The result will satisfy you for sure.

We Create Timeless Memories

Every time you see our piece of work in the future, you will travel back into the best moment we captured for you. Timeless memories for your pleasure in our photos.

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