Vermount’s Backyard

Art Director & Master Photographer

Wijaya Hoo

Following and Working together with several Surabaya or even Indonesia best event photographer has been quite a journey and learning experience to me. It certainly have shape my instinct of angle and beauty which can capture by camera and sense it. The Fun and yet colorful that combined with Elegance of the night gown and cheerful expression are always be Vermount’s passions. I am as Art Director of Vermount photoworks is looks forward to perpetuate your cherish moment as the reflection of your happiness moment.


Commercial Director

Teddy Maharja

Stress-free, Swift, spontaneous organised and Fun. They are my focus as well as Vermount’s experience to be enjoyed with us. Me personally, though my experience travelling around the world, has specially designed a service package and routine for our staffs, assistance and representatives to ensure that you choice to pick us as your photography partners is worth every-penny. We do implement the best practice how to preparing & planning your photoshot session along with pleasant. Just because you are deserved at Vermount. Looks forward to see you guys V

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